Our clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise.

Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.

Through a personalized financial plan, we were able to help Randy & Penny retire early. We love when clients are able to get the most life out of their money.

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 Schiller, Spence & Associates have been a great asset in helping us plan our estate and retirement planning needs since 1997, ensuring that we will be able to maintain the lifestyle that we had prior to retirement. The entire team of associates are extremely knowledgeable with the products and services that they offer and that we use. It is always reassuring that our questions with regards to present and future needs are evaluated carefully and explained in terms that we can easily understand. The semi-annual yearly review is much appreciated and keeps us informed to our current and future needs. There is no hesitation to discuss tax saving resolutions and proper will preparation and content was also extremely helpful. We have no reservations of recommending Schiller, Spence & Associates to our friends that are searching for estate planning for retirement planning needs. We find that the questions and suggestions offered by the team have given us cause to reflect in deeper detail our needs as we move forward through retirement. We also take advantage of having online access to our accounts so that we may review the performance of each account. We are comfortable and very pleased with the services provided by Schiller, Spence & Associates.  

Wayne & Joanne

 When we began with Investors Group over thirty years ago we understood the basic need and benefits of investing and starting out was fairly simple with saving a portion of our paycheques in registered funds. Of course, we had no clear idea of what the future might look like and how daunting financial planning can sometimes be. The Schiller, Spence & Associates at Investors Group, starting with Miles, have been helping us out with the big picture all along and we're happy to have them with us as we head into the later stages of our careers. We've stayed together with the Schiller, Spence & Associates team as our family moved around Alberta and BC - they are always just a call or email away and an in-person visit and review was still done once or twice a year at our home.

Knowing that all aspects of our retirement plans have been well laid out is comforting. And getting through this last unsettling year was made more assuring and less uncertain by the extra reviews and contact with the current team of Bill, Miles, Ilkin, Jason and Denise. The added interest and fun of a client cookbook and some short webinars and a variety of online presentations have been great. We have made our overall life plan with IG more than just RRSPs, RESPs, and other non-registered fund investments. Our mortgages, critical illness and life insurance are integrated with our family assets, personal wills, company savings and pension plans, and a few individual stocks as well. It's great to have a variety of different groups of IG diversified funds that are managed by specialists. More than once the Miles and Bill have presented something new (to us) that we can attest well match our situation, needs, and current level of risk. An example in the past was an investment loan and more recently whole life insurance. Even our daughters, now in or near post-secondary school and working part-time, have now started investing in TFSAs with IG. One thing that was actually kind of fun has been building and maintaining a detailed family cash flow plan within our ongoing 'life' plan. Ilkin and Bill work with us to look at changes, risks and balances, and different future scenarios; the many charts, graphs and tables are excellent. Aspects that are more complicated have been readily explained in the detail that suits us. Our ongoing and future estate planning will certainly be less stressful as a result.

The Lloyd IG team know us and our interests and goals quite well and we have gotten to know the team at the same time - the personal service with them is awesome. Thanks for 33 years of financial help! 

Greg & Suzanna

 When we switched to investment management with Schiller and Associates, we were at a loss to make decisions about retirement, estate planning and many other financial things! Our meetings have always been very helpful and we have been treated very well over the years!  

Wayne & Barb

 Thru Schiller, Spence and associates we have been able to review our complete financial picture and determine for sure if we were on the right track to retire based on our financial position. They were forthright in their assessments and gave us sound advice on what we should do to achieve our long range goals and protect our family. As situations and opportunities came up they were quick to respond and assist making our dreams happen. In particular, the team was very helpful with unexpected situations that needed timely action.  

Gerry & Mona

 Schiller, Spence & Associates have proven themselves to be totally reliable, trustworthy and ethical over the many years that we have been clients. When we first started with Miles Schiller, we were a young couple who really needed to rely on Miles’ expertise to guide us through a long-term financial plan that would fulfill our goal of retiring at a young age. We’re transitioning to retirement right on schedule. We highly recommend their services. 

Randy and Penny A.

 We’ve been working with Miles as our financial consultant for over 10 years. In that time, we’ve been extremely satisfied in the products that he has offered us in our investment portfolio, insurance and RESPs for our grandchildren. He’s tailored his product offerings to suit us in our retirement! 

Bev and Bob C.