• are a successful business owner or mid-career professional working in health care, oil & gas, education or engineering
  • have spent your working life accumulating wealth and ready to retire or already retired
  • are a farmer looking to incorporate and do succession planning
  • have neither the time nor mental energy to properly manage your increasingly complex finances; your career and/or family fully consume those scarce resources
  • are generally skeptical of the financial services industry and believe that the majority of financial products and services doesn’t suit you
  • would be eager to outsource your portfolio management, financial planning, and tax decisions to a trusted expert but have never met an advisor or firm worthy of the role

You are seeking an advisor who…

  • shares a similar academic and professional background to your own
  • you trust and can build a relationship for years to come for you and your family
  • develops a multidimensional plan that integrates your income, expenses, major purchases, assets (including human capital), liabilities, insurance coverage, employee benefits, estate planning, tax strategy, and unique goals
  • understands the nuances of your business, career and financial situation deeply enough to accurately build and continuously refine projections of your household net worth
  • invests in a diversified and tax-efficient manner with world’s leading asset managers
  • proactively prioritizes your financial action items aiming to entirely relieve you of that mental burden
  • protects your time so you can enjoy the life you desire