About Us

At Schiller, Spence & Associates Private Wealth Management, we work with clients to discover a unique vision for their wealth, by assisting them to create a multi-dimensional strategy that sums up who they are and what matters most to them.

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Our Approach

We will build your plan always to reflect your changing needs and inspire confidence in your complete financial well-being. Our proactive and synchronized approach is based on experience and insights gained in serving a variety of clients over the years.

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Giving Back

We give back to the communities in which we live and work. Individually, and as a team, we support several causes and contribute to a variety of organizations. The community benefits, and we grow as individuals and a team as a result.

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Our Solutions

With an enhanced team-based approach that provides both local and national industry expertise, Schiller, Spence & Associates provides you with an elevated level of advice and resources. We provide comprehensive wealth management solutions and based on what is right for your unique needs, we will tailor an approach specific to managing your wealth and achieving your goals.

Tax Planning

Taxes are a critical consideration that impact every aspect of your financial life. As part of a holistic planning approach, we’ll integrate sophisticated tax planning solutions to help manage the complexities of your wealth and ensure your overall plan is tax-efficient.

Investment Planning*

We are guided by a disciplined investment approach that leverages the combined talents of IG Wealth Management’s investments team and leading global investment partners. This helps unlock a world of opportunity, so you can confidently pursue your goals and financial well-being. (*Offered through Investors Group Securities Inc.)

Estate Planning

Creating a legacy for the people, organizations and causes you care about requires proactive planning. We will help you create a carefully structured estate plan that reflects your unique wishes, protects your wealth and provides clarity to those you love.

Our Leadership

What our clients are saying

 Schiller, Spence & Associates have proven themselves to be totally reliable, trustworthy and ethical over the many years that we have been clients. When we first started with Miles Schiller, we were a young couple who really needed to rely on Miles’ expertise to guide us through a long-term financial plan that would fulfill our goal of retiring at a young age. We’re transitioning to retirement right on schedule. We highly recommend their services. 

Randy and Penny A.

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“Corrections are uncomfortable. They’re supposed to be: They shake investor’s confidence and test their resolve, resetting expectations along the way,”

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The similarities and differences between the RRSP vs. TFSA and how you can decide which is the best fit for you.

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There’s no doubt that the Internet has made managing our finances extremely convenient.

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